• Norwell was settled in 1636 and has a current population of 11,000.
  • Norwell is a town in Plymouth County and borders Scituate, Hingham, Pembroke, Marshfield, Hanover & Rockland and is 21 square miles.
  • Norwell was part of present-day Scituate but was incorporated in 1888 in recognition of Henry Norwell. Henry was a dry goods merchant and spent his summers there. He funded and maintained all public roads at the time.
  • ¬†Norwell has 2 public elementary schools (Vinal & Cole), Norwell Middle and High Schools. Norwell is also home to South Shore Charter School.
  • Norwell’s mascot are the Clippers.

Norwell is home to many restaurants and small businesses along Route 53. Some local favorites include Cheever’s Tavern, the Tinker’s Son and Trattoria San Pietro. It also has a quaint downtown.

Norwell is also home to local farm favorite Hornstra Farms. It is open year round and delivers milk in glass bottles and other goods weekly. In the summer, its ice cream stand is always packed!

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photograph by: Brian MacLean