Real Estate February 25, 2023

What to look for in a South Shore investment property

Investing in real estate can be an exciting and rewarding endeavor, but it is important to do your research and proceed with caution. Before making any investment, there are several key features to consider that can help you determine the success of the property.

  1. Location: The location of the property is one of the most important factors to consider when determining the value of an investment. Look for properties in desirable areas on the South Shore with good schools, low crime and a strong local economy. Investing in a property in a desirable neighborhood can bring in more potential renters and increase the value of the property.
  2. Amenities: Look for amenities that can add value to the property and make it attractive to potential renters. Consider features like a pool, gym, or other recreational facilities that can make the property more desirable. Some local shopping centers include the Hingham Shipyard, Derby Street Shoppes in Hingham, Merchant’s Row in Hanover, Hanover Crossing in Hanover, Kingston Collection in Kingston, and some great downtown areas such as Scituate, Cohasset and Hingham Square.
  3. Condition of the Property: It’s important to inspect the condition of the property before making any investments. Check for signs of damage, such as water damage, structural damage, or pest infestations. These issues can be costly to repair and can significantly reduce the value of the property.
  4. Rental Market: It’s important to research the rental market in the area. Look for properties that have a high demand for rentals and low vacancy rates. There is a housing shortage across Massachusetts and the rental market is high in the South Shore.
  5. Taxes: Research the local tax laws and regulations before making any investments. Knowing the tax implications of the property can help you make an informed decision.
  6. Insurance: Make sure the property is adequately insured. Investing in rental property can be risky, and having the right insurance can help protect your investment.
  7. Financing: Before making any investments, it’s important to make sure you can secure financing for the property. Make sure to consider the interest rates and loan terms when researching financing options. If you need help connecting with a lender, I have access to a handful of different ones.
  8. Maintenance Costs: Maintenance costs can add up over time and can significantly reduce the value of a property. Make sure to factor in the costs of maintenance when calculating the return on investment.
  9. Return on Investment: Make sure to calculate the return on investment before making an offer. Research the current market conditions and the potential for capital appreciation to help determine the potential return on investment.
  10. Professional Advice: Consider seeking professional advice before making any investments. An experienced real estate professional  like myself can provide valuable insight and help ensure you make an informed decision.